CHOgro® High Yield Expression System, Mirus Bio

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CHOgro® High Yield Expression System, Mirus Bio
Protein Expression Systems
The most advanced system for transient transfection and protein production in suspension CHO cells.

  • High yield - Reach higher antibody titers in seven days which is faster than the ExpiCHO expression system
  • Simple workflow - Same day transfection, enhanced addition and temperature shift
  • Worry free - No commercial license required

The CHOgro® high yield expression system is an optimized platform for transient, high titer protein production in suspension CHO derived cells. This system consists of CHOgro® expression medium, L-Glutamine and Poloxamer 188 medium supplements, CHOgro® complex formation solution, TransIT-PRO® transfection reagent and CHOgro® titer enhancer. CHOgro® expression medium is a chemically defined, hydrolysate free and animal origin free medium manufactured using cGMP compliant processes in an ISO-compliant facility. CHOgro® medium is formulated to support high efficiency transfection and provide high density cell growth. In addition, many suspension CHO cells (e.g. Freestyle™ CHO-S and ExpiCHO-S™) can easily grow in CHOgro® medium with minimal adaptation.

TransIT-PRO® transfection reagent was developed by empirically testing proprietary lipid and polymer libraries for high transfection performance in suspension CHO and 293 cell types. The CHOgro® titer enhancer was identified and developed for use with the CHOgro® high yield expression system to modulate cellular processes and increase protein titers.

Both the TransIT-PRO® reagent and CHOgro® titer enhancer are free of animal derived components. The combination of CHOgro® expression medium, TransIT®-PRO transfection reagent and the CHOgro® titer enhancer enable robust cell growth and high efficiency transfection that streamlines the transient protein expression process.

Certifications: ISO compliant.

Ordering information: The CHOgro® high yield expression system is supplied in the following format: 2 l CHOgro® expression medium, 1 ml TransIT-PRO® transfection reagent, 20 ml of CHOgro® titer enhancer, 100 ml CHOgro® complex formation solution, 100 ml Poloxamer 188 solution and 100 ml L-Glutamine. All components except for the CHOgro® titer enhancer can be purchased separately. To verify expression, a human IgG1 expression control is also available for purchase separately. The CHOgro® transfection and titer enhancer kit contains the TransIT-PRO® transfection reagent (1 ml) and the CHOgro® titer enhancer (20 ml).

Delivery information: All components shipped on blue ice except for L-glutamine which is shipped on dry ice.

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