Vacuum Manifold, Walters, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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Vacuum Manifold, Walters, Ace Glass Incorporated
This greaseless vacuum line is fabricated from Ace-Threds and Easy-Action PTFE stopcocks

Fabricated from borosilicate glass. The top of the main body features a #7 Ace-Thred with a ⅛" NPT nylon adapter for connection to thermocouple vacuum gauge. Each end of the main body has a #25 Ace-Thred for easier cleaning. One end is stoppered with nylon plug, while the other end features a bushing connection to a vacuum trap. The vacuum trap features an Easy-Action, 0 - 10 mm high vacuum stopcock with removable trap. This permits cleaning of the trap without removing vacuum line tubing. The vacuum tubing connection on this trap has a 25 mm O.D. The length of the main body is approximately 61 cm (24"). The vacuum trap is approximately 40.6 cm (16") in length.

Three ports are 0 - 5 mm high vacuum PTFE stopcocks with a #11 Ace-Thred bushing connection to the working vessel. The stopcocks are positioned parallel to the main body to allow operation from front or back. The main body can be reversed for the convenience of left-handed operation.

Ordering information: Available as a complete system, or as individual components. The complete system includes main body, vacuum trap inner tube and body, bushings (89059-226 and 89059-214), stoppers with O-Rings (89052-806 and 89052-828), and #7 Ace-Thred to ?" Swagelok adapter (89052-704).
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