Eisco Dual Speed Ticker Tape Timer

470137-546EA 109.85 USD
Eisco Dual Speed Ticker Tape Timer
Timers Mechanical Timers
Measures velocity and acceleration with durability and accuracy.

  • Mechanical timer device
  • Dual speed options: 25 or 40 Hz
  • Timer size: 7L×6W×3" H
  • Tape length: 50 m
  • Tape width: 16 mm
  • Carbon disk Ø: 50 mm

This ticker tape timer has everything needed in one box, including a wall plug adapter so no power supply is needed. This timer is the time tested way for students to visualize distance, velocity, and acceleration versus time. Hook this to a car on an inclined plane ramp, and get a visualization of acceleration caused by gravity, seen by the spacing between spots on the tape. A vibrating striker prints dots on the tape using carbon paper disks at a selectable rate of 25 or 40 dots per second. The unit is housed in a durable, scratch-proof and shock absorbing plastic case with a unique method of adjusting the position of the carbon disk.

Certifications: CSA approved.

Delivery information: Timer includes 100 carbon disks and one 50 m roll of tape. Operates on 12 V (adapter included).
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