Filtration Apparatus, 47 mm, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89082-472EA 270.82 USD
89082-472 89082-480 89083-990 89084-422 89083-540 89083-538
Filtration Apparatus, 47 mm, Ace Glass Incorporated
Filters Membrane Filter Units
A new concept for lab filtration apparatus from Ace Glass

The filter unit has four basic parts; the funnel, flask, nylon adapter piece, and a removable glass fritted disc. The unit can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. Instead of a sealed-in glass fritted support, the discs can be easily removed and cleaned, and offer the availability of different frit sizes, from extra coarse to extra fine. The adapters are also available in PTFE or other polymers via special order. The assembly is autoclavable.

For 25 mm version, see 89083-544. For 75 mm version, contact your Avantor representative.

Using the famous Ace-Thred design, Ace was able to thread the filter funnel and filter flask together without the silicone stopper and troublesome clamping device. This design also eliminates leakage and alignment issues.

Ordering information: Complete Filtration Apparatus includes one each: 1000 ml filter flask (89083-538) w/Ace-Thred top, #7 Ace-Thred, and Ace-Safe connector; nylon adapter w/#25 Ace-Thred bottom and #50 Ace-Thred top (89082-472); 47 mm 70-100 micron fritted disc (89083-454), nylon retaining ring (89084-422), 500 ml graduated funnel with Ace-Thred bottom (89083-990). For 1000mL filter flask with [ST] 24/40 outer top joint and hose barb side port, order 89057-372. For nylon adapter with #50 Ace-Thred on one end and [ST] 24/40 inner bottom joint, order 89082-480. For 145-174 micron fritted disc, order 89083-452. For 25-50 micron fritted disc, order 89083-456. All items may be ordered separately.
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