ACTERO™ E. coli Enrichment Media, FoodChek Systems

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ACTERO™ E. coli Enrichment Media, FoodChek Systems
Media for Microbiology Additives and Supplements for Microbiology
Food and environmental samples require enrichment before pathogen testing enabling target pathogen present to grow and be detected in test samples

Using Actero™ Elite Enrichment Media significantly reduces all sample enrichment phase timelines regardless the type of "food pathogen testing system," such as lateral flow, ELISA and PCR platforms.

Actero™ Universal Enrichment Media are established formulations that are used in standard protocols employed in testing labs today.

The patented Actero™ Elite Enrichment Media are enhanced formulations that reduce the enrichment time required for accurate pathogen testing. Actero™ STEC Enrichement Media is used for the selective growth of Shiga-Toxin producing E. coli (STEC). It has been AOAC-PTM validated to be used in raw ground beef.
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