VWR® 96-Well Polypropylene Microplates

Supplier: VWR International
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VWR® 96-Well Polypropylene Microplates
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VWR® 96-Well Polypropylene Microplates are manufactured in a variety of sizes and well formats to meet the demanding requirements of modern laboratory applications. VWR® Covers for 96-Well Microplates are offered in either Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or Silicone with a sprayed-on Teflon barrier.

  • All covers fit interchangeably
  • Round, conical, and flat bottom formats are available
  • Virgin polypropylene microplate construction
  • Covers are available in multiple materials and thicknesses

These virgin polypropylene microplates offer a variety of sample volumes that are uniform dimensionally so that all covers, whether round or square, fit interchangeably on other round or square well microplates. This reduces the number of covers needed for most laboratories. There are shallow well microplates with flat, round, and conical bottoms for volumes up to 350µL. The medium well microplate has a round bottom for volumes up to 500µL. The deep well microplates are available in round well with round bottoms for volumes up to 1.0mL and square well with either a conical or round bottom for volumes up to 2.0mL.

The EVA microplate covers are designed to stabilize samples during transport from one workstation to another with the option of a thicker cover for seal strength that is not piercable or a thinner version that is piercable by most autosampler needles. The Silicone covers are available in two thicknesses, both of which are available either pre-cut or non-cut for resealability. All round well and square well covers fit all round well and square well microplates in the VWR Collection. All items are sold in packs of ten covers.

Ordering information: All microplates, and all covers, are sold in packs of ten.
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