UVP Portable/Rechargeable UV Lamps, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
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36585-822EA 806.76 USD
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UVP Portable/Rechargeable UV Lamps, Analytik Jena
Lights UV Lights, Lamps and Bulbs
Rechargeable -26P Series UV Lamps offer versatility and variety in a powerful 6/12 watt rechargeable design. UVS-26P has two shortwave tubes. This model allows you to use two tubes at a time, or just one. UVL-26P has two longwave ultraviolet tubes. This model allows use of one or two tubes at a time. UVSL-26P has one shortwave and one longwave UV tube. This model allows use of one tube at a time. The toggle switch allows users to easily select longwave or shortwave UV.

Lamps are durable and can be used for both field and indoor/lab use

Each lamp is powered by a built-in lead acid battery which is charged from a standard wall outlet. The wall cord is for charging only and not for powering the lamp.

An optional 12V adapter operates the lamp from a car cigarette lighter.

The C-10P Cabinet can be used with the Portable and Portable/Rechargeable UV Lamps for fluorescing materials in a darkened area.

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