O-Ring Kit, Buna-N, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
89235-688EA 318.21 USD
O-Ring Kit, Buna-N, Ace Glass Incorporated
Seals Sealing Rings
This Buna-N o-ring kit is packaged in a clear, plastic box with a re-sealable lid that lets you see the o-rings inside

Buna-N is also known as Nitrile rubber, is a synthetic blended rubber, co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Generally resistant to fuels and oils. Generally black or brown in color.

It opens to 30 compartments, each clearly marked with the rubber type, o-ring size, and quantity included. The cardboard insert indicates the codes for each size, so you can easily re-order the o-rings individually as they are depleted. The quantity of each o-ring varies by size and compartment, but the kit contains 500 total o-rings.

Ordering information: The following sizes are included: -006, -007, -008, -009, -010, -011, -012, -110, -111, -112, -113, -114, -115, -116, -210, -211, -212, -213, -214, -215, -216, -217, -218, -219, -220, -221, -222, -325, -326, and -327.
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