PTFE Ferrules, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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PTFE Ferrules, Ace Glass Incorporated
PTFE ferrules and Ace-Thred™ ferrule designed bushings can be used instead of standard FETFE O-Rings and O-Ring designed bushings when sample contamination is a concern, or when a slightly smaller I.D. probe is required.

Enables the use of smaller outside diameter tubes with a given size Ace-Thred and maintains tight conditions. For example, a #7 Ace-Thrad adapter with O-Ring accepts a 7 mm O.D. tube. By inserting a 6.4 mm PTFE ferrule in place of the O-Ring, the #7 Ace-Thred will now accept as small as a 6.4mm O.D. tube. PTFE ferrules are also available in solid versions ready for a customer to drill a custom size center hole.
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