Vernier® BlueView Transilluminator

470017-676EA 425.99 USD
Vernier® BlueView Transilluminator
Transilluminators Blue Light Transilluminators
Bright blue LEDs illuminate electrophoresis gels.

  • Accommodates gels up to 15 x 12 cm with a viewing area of 11 x 11 cm
  • Can be used with a variety of fluorescent stains

Fluorescent stains are excited and made visible through bright blue LEDs enabling users to observe fluorescently stained nucleic acids and protein gels while eliminating any worries of damaging materials planned for subsequent cloning. This affordable unit, which incorporates transilluminator technology from Clare chemical research, features an illuminated viewing region of 11cm x 11cm and can accommodate gels of up to 15 cm x 12.6 cm. Users can also control light intensity for maximum gel band observation and photography and the unit is also fan-cooled. Use this in conjunction with Vernier LoggerPro3 to analyze and create digital documentation.

For educational use only.
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