Turbidity Tube

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Turbidity Tube
Turbidity Meters
Estimate stream quality as it relates to solids in the water.

This Turbidity Tube is made from 1-3/4" (4.4 cm) clear polycarbonate tubing and is marked with easy to read black numbers on a white tape; tape is marked in centimeters. A drain tube with a crimp are supplied so the sample can be drained off until the Secchi pattern on the bottom just appears. The height of the water column is then recorded. Overall length of the tube is 24" (61 cm).

The optional Transparency Tube (item #67311-46) allow you to measure turbidity in streams where a secchi disk can't be used--simply fill the tube with water and look down. Each clear polycarbonate tube features a centimeter scale on one side and a secchi disk design, 2" (4.5 cm) in diameter, on the bottom. The secchi design is screwed to a rubber stopper that removes for cleaning. Drain the tube with the drain hose and attached finger crimp. Ideal for the GLOBE program!
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