Ward's® QUIKView DNA Stain for Gel Electrophoresis

Supplier: Edvotek
470006-426EA 45 USD
Ward's® QUIKView DNA Stain for Gel Electrophoresis
Electrophoresis Systems Combined Gel Staining and Blot Processing Systems
Stains and Destains in 45 Minutes, Providing Unsurpassed Visibility

Fast acting, completely safe, highly sensitive, and versatile, our DNA stain is a great alternative to the common methylene blue stain. WARD’S exclusive DNA stain works quickly, requiring only 20–30 minutes to stain a gel, and approximately 15 minutes for destaining. QUIKView destains in water, providing a totally clear background that highlights DNA banding patterns, making them visible even without a light source such as a light table. You can also incorporate the stain into the gel matrix and buffer to stain the gel during electrophoresis. QUIKView detects as low as 0.3 μg of DNA. And, once the gels are stained, they can be stored for months without fading.

Quickview stain -- product reformulation-- now a 10x concentration, after diluting the final volume is 600mL which is enough for 30 gels.
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