Ward's® Protein Synthesis Magnetic Model

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Ward's® Protein Synthesis Magnetic Model
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Ward's Protein Synthesis Magnetic Model helps students visualize the steps of protein synthesis.

  • Model Works on Most Whiteboards
  • Reusable
  • Large Enough to View from Anywhere in the Classroom
  • Model Saves Time Spent Creating Lesson Demonstrations
  • Teacher’s Guide with Instructions Included
  • For Grades 9—12

Teachers draw a picture of a cell on the board, complete with nucleus, ribosomes, ribosomal subunits, and a membrane. Using the magnetic pieces and Velcro in the kit, they can manipulate these large, magnetized models in and around the drawing to clearly illustrate the different phases of the synthesis process.

The models include a DNA double helix that separates, a complementary strand of mRNA, and four tRNA models, all of which fit together like a puzzle. Four amino acid models and three peptide bonds are also included. Developed by educators, these large, magnetized models are easy to view from all areas of the classroom. Partial assembly is required.
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