Megagarden Hydroponic System

470021-134EA 257.55 USD
Megagarden Hydroponic System
Testing Chambers Plant Growth Chambers
Automatically Supplies Nutrient Solution In Timed Cycles

  • Ebb/Flow System
  • Large Size Fits Plants For A Whole Class
  • Easy To Clean

Large enough to accommodate an entire class, this single system can accommodate many different kinds of plants in various stages of growth using a variety of containers and growing mediums. It utilizes the Ebb & Flow system, by which a controlled amount of nutrient solution is pumped up from a reservoir in a timed cycle. After the cycle is finished, the solution drains back into the reservoir, drawing fresh oxygen into the plant’s roots. The specially designed growing tray features a multiple rib pattern for complete drainage, as well as adjustable water level for large or small plants. The system includes 7.5-gallon reservoir, growing tray, submersible pump, timer, seed starter cubes, Geolite, 15 planters, 16 oz. Hydrofarm nutrient, pH test kit, and instructions.
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