Ward's® Freeze-Dried Cat Vascular System Museum Mount

Supplier: Ward's
470027-902EA 1799.99 USD
Ward's® Freeze-Dried Cat Vascular System Museum Mount
Specimens Preserved Specimens Display Specimens
Museum mounts are the ideal supplement for classroom dissection.

  • High quality display mount
  • Dissection reference for students

Reveals the Elements of the Circulatory System in Great Detail.

Similar to the Freeze-Dried Cat preparation, this dissection reveals the elements of the circulatory system in great detail, enabling your students to more easily study and understand cat vascular anatomy. Deep muscle dissection of one fore and one hind limb shows appendicular circulation. One kidney is bisected, and the intestines are retracted to show hepatic portal system more clearly in this triple injected specimen. The key identifies 35 numbered structures.

Caution: Cats are sourced from pounds and shelters. All shelters are required to retain animals for a specified time to maximize the possibility of adoption. Animals that are not adopted are euthanized at the shelters and preserved for dissection under the guidance of USDA regulations. These animals are "recycled" for education; otherwise they would have been incinerated or placed in a landfill after euthanasia.
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