Ward's® Live Fiddler Crabs (Uca sp.)

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Ward's® Live Fiddler Crabs (Uca sp.)
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Uca sp. The fiddler crab gets its name from the male’s larger claw, which it waves up and down in a fiddling motion when threatened or when attracting a mate.

  • Excellent for observations of circadian rhythm, regeneration and mating behavior.
  • Excellent classroom pet

Commonly found along beaches and mud flats, they act as detritivores, eating decaying matter. Crabs are approximately 1" in size.

Habitat includes:
A plastic aquarium (16"L x 9"W x 10.5"H)
Food and dish, polystyrene tray, sea salts
sand, and a coupon redeemable for a 3-pack of hermit crabs.

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