Ward's® Preserved Fetal Pigs: Plain Preserved

Supplier: VWR
WARD470000-592 WARD470001-060 WARD470000-422 WARD470001-630 WARD470001-066 WARD470001-624 WARD470001-636
470000-592PK 215 USD
470000-592 470001-636 470001-060 470001-066 470228-324 470001-630 470001-624 470000-422 470228-336
Ward's® Preserved Fetal Pigs: Plain Preserved
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Formalin preserved fetal pigs.

  • Mammalian anatomy
  • General dissection
  • High quality preservation

Fetal pigs are a staple specimen for many classroom dissections. Our Fetal pigs come in a variety of sizes, injection types, and packing options to meet all of your dissection needs.

Delivery information: Available in vacuum packs or pails.

Caution: Ward's preserved fetal pigs are a byproduct of the pork industry. Fetal pigs are not raised specifically for dissection. These animals are "recycled" for educational use.
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