Ward's® Compact Thin Section Saw/Grinder Combination Package

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Ward's® Compact Thin Section Saw/Grinder Combination Package
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With a combined saw and grinder in one and a self-contained coolant system, you can accomplish all steps of thin section processing in about half the space.

  • Belt-driven, Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Rim Width: 3/8"
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Motor: 1/2hp
  • Size: 24" x 171/2" x 18"

This versatile workhorse is all a lab needs to prepare professional-quality, thin sections that range from mounted samples to micron-precise-finished slides. Both the saw blade and cup wheel are mounted on the same end of a 11/4 diameter, belt-driven, stainless steel shaft to maximize stability and consistency. A 5" precision cutoff saw, combined with a fine-tunable, 6" grinder adjustable to micrometer thinness, ensures topnotch cutting performance. Precision angular-contact bearings conform to exacting tolerances and offer years of trouble-free service.

Slides are firmly held to either side of the chuck plate by the vacuum. A quick flip of a valve, and the vacuum switches from the saw to the grinder to finish slides. The chuck plate holds standard 27 x 46 mm petrographic slides. Dual valves direct the coolant flow to either the saw blade or the cup wheel. The motor has 100 VAC, 60 Hz, and a 6" cord.

Ordering information: This package includes a self-contained coolant pump system, a coolant trap, a vacuum pump, and a user's manual.
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