Ward's® College Algae Set

Supplier: Ward's
470179-952KT 209.95 USD
Ward's® College Algae Set
Specimens Live Specimens Protists - Living Material
Compiles Types Most Often Studied at the University Level

Our comprehensive set includes algae usually featured in college textbooks. The 25 cultures include Anabaena, Bactrachospermum, Bangia, Chlamydomonas, Chlorella, Dictyota, Ectocarpus, Euglena, Fischerella, Gloeocapsa, Gleotrichia, Micrasterias, Netrium, Oedogonium, Oscillatoria, Peridinium, Scenedesmus, Spirogyra, Spirulina, Nitzschia, Synura, Ulothrix, Ulva, Vaucheria, and Volvox. The set also comes with the Working with Algae manual and materials for 35 students.
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