Cat Anatomy Museum Mount

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Cat Anatomy Museum Mount
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Perfect supplement to cat dissection labs.

Museum Mounts are expertly crafted by our own Laboratory Technicians to show external and internal anatomy in great detail. Specimens are encased in acrylic with formalin for indefinite preservation.

Museum mounts can be used as a reference for teachers and students or as a quiz mechanism by covering up the key on the back of the case.

Key Includes Male/Female Cat Anatomy Museum Mount: 1. Submaxillary Gland; 2. Thyroid Gland; 3. Larynx; 4. Trachea; 5. Oesophagus; 6. External Jugular Vein; 7. Carotid Artery; 8. Brachial Plexus; 9. Aortic Arch; 10. Anterior Vena Cava; 11. Heart; 12. Lung; 13. Diaphragm; 14. Liver; 15. Gall Bladder; 16. Spleen; 17. Stomach; 18. Duodenum; 19. Pancreas; 20. Ileum; 21. Hepatic Portal Vein; 22. Caecum; 23. Colon; 24. Rectum; 25. Dorsal Aorta; 26. Posterior Vena Cava; 27. Kidney; 28. Ureter; 29. Bladder; 30. Urethra or Vagina; 31. Testis or Uterus; 32. Penis or Ovary.

Caution: Cats are sourced from pounds and shelters. All shelters are required to retain animals for a specified time to maximize the possibility of adoption. Animals that are not adopted are euthanized at the shelters and preserved for dissection under the guidance of USDA regulations. These animals are "recycled" for education; otherwise they would have been incinerated or placed in a landfill after euthanasia.
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