Bluestar® Forensic Tablets

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Bluestar® Forensic Tablets
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Longer Luminescence with Extreme Sensitivity

  • For conclusive testing and ascertaining the presence of blood in possible absence

Powerful chemicals in Bluestar® Forensic luminol alternatives react to blood cells present in invisible stains by creating a bright luminescence visible to the naked eye in semi-darkness. Because the reaction lasts for several minutes, observing and photographing evidence is much easier. For conclusive testing and ascertaining the presence of blood in possible absence, Bluesta® provides different forms of their latent bloodstain reagent suited for all areas of analysis. Used by forensic technicians, the professional-grade Bluestar® Forensic Tablets detect the presence of blood without destroying DNA. The Bluestar Forensic Training Tablets are ideal for classroom training in crime scene investigation that does not require DNA evaluation. Both varieties of the non toxic tablets dissolve easily in distilled water which can then be sprayed on any surface. Each includes eight pairs of individually wrapped tablets to make 500 ml of solution. The most powerful solution, Bluestar® Forensic Magnum, is specially formulated for detecting minute blood particles that may be visible only under a microscope. Magnum's increased sensitivity and intensity of luminescence makes blood stains stand out, even on washed garments, without destroying DNA. Bluestar® Forensic Magnum includes 125 ml of solution and three tablets of oxidizer.
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