Instatherm® Filtration Apparatus, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
3704-01 3704-10
71001-498EA 1523.12 USD
71001-498 71001-492
Instatherm® Filtration Apparatus, Ace Glass Incorporated
Filters Bottle Top Filters
This apparatus differs from the standard 47mm filter apparatus (89083-540), as it uses Ace Glass’ proprietary Instatherm® technology to evenly heat the top 400 ml funnel, thus keeping the viscous materials in a flowing liquid state.

  • Fabricated from borosilicate glass
  • Middle adapter is PTFE with a PTFE snap-ring
  • Interchangeable fritted disk is the coarse, 25 to 50 µm size

This system is excellent for filtering oils or thick slurries and using either 47 mm membranes or filter paper disks. Perfect for sample prep for various ASTM petroleum and polymer testing procedures and for new biofuel testing protocols.

The entire assembly can be easily taken apart for cleaning and the fritted filter disc can easily and inexpensively be cleaned or replaced.

Ordering information: Available complete (with 89083-538 1 L filter flask, 71001-494 PTFE adapter and 71001-496 retaining ring, 89083-456 Porosity 'C' 47 mm ext.Ø fritted disc and 500 ml Instatherm® 71001-492 filter funnel), or filter funnel only. All components may be ordered separately.
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