Open Combination Kjeldahl Digestion/Distillation Apparatus, Labconco®

Supplier: Labconco
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Open Combination Kjeldahl Digestion/Distillation Apparatus, Labconco®
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Open Combination Kjeldahl Digestion/Distillation Apparatus

Combines macro digestion and distillation processes for nitrogen determination of samples into one space-saving unit. Able to digest and distill six or twelve samples at one time. Open Combination Kjeldahl units are supported by a sturdy, tubular steel framework, with the distillation apparatus mounted above the digestion portion.

Ordering information: Requires PVC Remote Acid Exhaust Blower, ductwork, and 500 or 800 ml Kjeldahl flasks (not included). Six- and Twelve-Place units are available.
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