VWR® Ergonomic Economy Bubble Mats, Black

Supplier: VWR International

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VWR® Ergonomic Economy Bubble Mats, Black
Floor Mats Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
The VWR® Economy Bubble Mat is a low-density polyurethane material with an ergonomic profile. This bubble mat is designed for dry, non-critical environments while reducing trip hazards, body aches, quality issues and sick leaves. No bubble matting available delivers as much relief and comfort at this price. The VWR® Economy Bubble Mat can be customized to any size and any shape, always in one piece.

  • Stimulate the body to increase blood circulation and alertness
  • Molded beveled edges eliminate tripping hazards
  • Silcone free, latex free
  • Easy-to-clean, closed-cell/nonporous top surface
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and UV light

Safety features include molded beveled edges that will never curl up, eliminating tripping hazards

The VWR® Economy Bubble Mat has lifetime ergonomic benefits. Using its unique ergonomic designs, this bubble mat prevents common problems encountered in standing environments while stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness that will reduce sick leave, workers’ compensation and quality issues. The VWR® Economy Bubble Mat is a solid mat throughout, which means no hollow bubbles that collapse. This mat is silicone & latex-free.

With the VWR Economy Bubble Mat, you will never have overlapping or worn-out connecting mats, which also eliminates tripping hazards.
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