sensION+ pH Electrodes, Hach

Supplier: Hach
E16M323 LZW5050T.97.002 E16M400 E16M329 E16M301 E16M400 LZW5052T97002 E16M343 E16M320 B10C161 E16M313 E16M318 E11M001 E16M319 LZW5010T97002 LZW5011T97002 LZW5014T97002 LZW5014T.97.002 LZW5051T97002 LZW5050T97002 B10B250 E16M329 E16M500 E11M004 LZW5021T97002 E16M303 E16M315 E16M334
89174-264EA 710.08 USD
89174-264 CA11028-178 89174-248 CA89501-026 89174-268 CA89174-248 89174-220 89174-284 89174-256 89174-286 89174-242 89174-254 89174-298 89174-258 89174-194 89174-196 89174-198 CA89174-198 89174-218 89174-216 89174-302 89501-026 89174-250 89174-300 89174-200 89174-278 89174-244 89174-246
sensION+ pH Electrodes, Hach
Electrodes pH Electrodes
To meet your analysis needs, combined pH electrodes are available with a variety of lengths, diameters and reference systems.

Our sensION+ high performance pH electrodes have encapsulated reference element, Ag⁺ ion barrier (except 5010T) and are combination type including built in Pt 1000 temperature sensor.

pH glass electrodes from Radiometer Analytical are made with highly shock-resistant glass, making them extremely tough. All pH probes may be used with sensION+ meters.

Certifications: CE marked. WEEE compliant.
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