ISE Electrodes for HQd Meter, Hach

Supplier: Hach
ISENO318101 ISENH318101 ISENA38101 ISENH318101 ISENA38103 ISENH418101 ISENA38103 ISENA38101 ISEF12101 ISECL18101 ISEF12101
89174-042EA 1594.39 USD
89174-042 89174-034 CA89174-032 CA11027-648 CA89501-108 89174-036 89501-108 89174-032 89174-040 89174-038 CA11028-152
ISE Electrodes for HQd Meter, Hach
Electrodes ISE Electrodes
Hach®, the leader in water quality, has developed a customized electrochemistry solution for water quality testing that takes the guesswork out of your measurements

Factory-calibrated IntelliCAL probes are ready for use, right out of the box. Each Hach® IntelliCAL probe stores its calibration history and settings in the probe itself, allowing the probes to easily be transferred from meter to meter, minimizing probe replacement and calibration. The serial number is also stored in the probe. Probes issue alerts when re-calibration is needed, but can be moved between meters without re-calibration.

Designed for your water applications, the Hach® HQd smart probes automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time.

Ordering information: Many ISE electrodes require standards, filling solutions, ISA, etc. for electrode use. Be sure to check these requirements when ordering your Hach ISE electrode.
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