Series 600 Trucks, Harper Trucks

Supplier: Harper Trucks
338-60072-64 338-650A50-51 338-65050-51 338-60068-77 338-65029-51
300008-179EA 1188.51 USD
300008-179 300068-616 300068-614 300068-610 300068-612
Series 600 Trucks, Harper Trucks
  • Available in two and four wheel models and is designed to handle heavy CRYOGENIC LIQUID GAS CYLINDERS
  • This larger sized frame and repositioned front wheels which allow secure handling without excessive force
  • The 650A50-51 is designed to handle larger 20" -26" diameter liquid gas cylinders
  • This model equipped with the QUAD Hook will handle a wide variety of large gas cylinders
  • Newly designed single hook adjusts from 50" to 60" in height which makes it more versatile for handling a variety of cylinder types
  • All available with pneumatic or mold on rubber tires

Colour: Harper Green
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