in vivo-jetPEI®, in vivo DNA, si/miRNA transfection

Supplier: Polyplus-transfection
in vivo-jetPEI™
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in vivo-jetPEI®, in vivo DNA, si/miRNA transfection
Transfection Reagents
in vivo-jetPEI® reagent provides versatile, reproducible and reliable delivery of all types of nucleic acids (DNA, siRNA, miRNA, etc...) in animal models, for functional studies and RNA interference experiments using various administration routes.

  • Suitable for in vivo delivery of any nucleic acid
  • Proven Track record: over 200 publications
  • Very easy to use: two-step protocol
  • Used for therapeutics and clinical trials worldwide
  • Safe: No inflammatory response triggered
  • Protocols tailored for your application by Polyplus-transfection delivery experts

in vivo-jetPEI is well suited as a delivery vehicle for therapeutic approaches, including gene therapy, genetic vaccination, immune therapy and cancer treatment.

Certifications: Since 2002, the company is ISO 9001 certified and since then this certification has been successfully renewed every three years.
Each lot of in vivo-jetPEI® is validated by DNA (pCMV-Luciferase) delivery into mouse through intravenous injection. The amount of luciferase (ng) per mg of protein is indicated on the certificate of analysis for each lot of reagent. Moreover, absence of endotoxin is verified in every lot of in vivo-jetPEI®.

Delivery information: 10% glucose solution is included. 0.1 ml of in vivo-jetPEI® delivery reagent is sufficient to perform up to 20 intravenous injections in mouse with 50 µg of DNA.
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