LabStack Storage System, Epredia™

Supplier: Epredia
Raymond A Lamb
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LabStack Storage System, Epredia™
Slide Holders
These high-quality, epoxy-coated, stackable steel cabinets are designed for storing microscope slides, slide filing wallets, processing cassettes, tissue blocks, transparencies, and A5 index cards

The blockstore cabinets have eight drawers with dividers producing seven rows per drawer. The cabinets can hold 3000 processing cassettes or 1230 embedding rings. The 7-drawer filing cabinets can be used to hold 3000 microscope slides (up to 76x51mm) or 49 paraffin wax blocks in cardboard boxes. They may also be used to hold photographic transparencies and most grid boxes used in electron microscopy. A drawer divider is available for the 7-drawer cabinets to allow for storage drying, and a spring spacer can be used to separate transparencies and slides while drying. The 14-drawer slide filing cabinets can hold 6000 slides (up to 76x26mm) in a vertical position. A spring spacer is available to separate the slides while drying. The horizontal slide filing cabinets have two drawers with polypropylene dividers grooved to hold 1230 microscope slides (up to 76x26mm) horizontally. The slide wallet filing cabinets have three drawers for the storage of slide wallets or 1800 slides.

Base stands and colored top covers are available for the cabinets. The base stand comes in a standard model and a heavy-duty model with four swivel castor wheels. The top covers allow cabinets to also become additional work surfaces. Slide filing location slips aid in the replacement of borrowed slides. They are available in color-coded booklets of 100.

Each cabinet features a completely sealed top and bottom to ensure dust-free storage, and a lip running the full width of the front and rear to allow a secure fit with the next cabinet in the stack. Each drawer is fitted with stops to prevent accidental removal, however the drawers can easily be removed if necessary
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