Howard Mold Counting Chamber, Hausser Scientific

Supplier: Hausser Scientific
23649-006EA 506.23 USD
Howard Mold Counting Chamber, Hausser Scientific
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The chamber is designed for use in determining mold counts in tomato products

The counting chamber is constructed entirely of glass. The center of the glass slide contains a 15x20mm rectangle that is flanked by 0.1mm shoulders on each side. These shoulders support a cover glass and provide a depth of 0.1mm between the underside of the cover glass and the rectangle. Both the rectangle and the cover glass have optically plane surfaces. To facilitate calibration of the microscope, the rectangle features two engraved, parallel lines spaced 1.382mm apart. The optional accessory eyepiece micrometer is ruled into squares, each of which is equal to 1/6 of the diameter of the eyepiece diaphragm opening. For mold counting, the microscope must give an area of 1.5mm2 (1.382mm in diameter for circle) at a magnification of 90–125.

It may be used with a variety of samples, including canned tomatoes, tomato soup, dehydrated tomatoes, canned spaghetti, or similar products containing tomato sauce.

Ordering information: Counting chamber is supplied with 2 cover slips (72370-012 and 23649-028). These cover slips are available separately. The eyepiece mircometer is not supplied with the counting chamber, and must be ordered separately. Contact your VWR representative for more information.
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