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97063-924EA 133.27 USD
97063-924 97063-922
Proteins and Peptides
Product is animal-free

  • Activity: Working range: 0.5 µg/ml (1 µM)

Extracted proteins are exposed to the threat of degradation by proteases from the moment cells or tissues are lysed. Proteases present in the living cell are released from their regulated environment into the extract where they may freely degrade their targets, resulting in drastically reduced protein yield and sample
quality. Complex protein solutions are typically treated with a mixture of several protease inhibitors in order to preserve the native state of the proteins.

A reversible inhibitor of cysteine proteases and serine proteases resembling trypsin. Inhibits trypsin, plasmin,papain, kallikrein, thrombin and cathepsin A and B.
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