VWR® HistoChoice®, Clearing Agent

Supplier: Avantor
VWR® HistoChoice®
H103-1L H103-4L
97060-932EA 42.93 USD
97060-932 97060-934
VWR® HistoChoice®, Clearing Agent
Stains Microscopy and staining reagents
Less hazardous replacement for xylene and toluene. Compatible with organic mounting media, clearing agent is designed to work with isopropanol in automated processors. It also offers faster wax dissolution and slower evaporation than xylene with no oily residue. Clearing agent can be recycled by distillation.

  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable replacement for xylene
  • Virtually odorless and non-irritating to human skin
  • Faster wax dissolution and slower evaporation than xylene
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