VWR® UV Transilluminators

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VWR® UV Transilluminators
Transilluminators UV Transilluminators
Transilluminators provide brilliant back illumination of transparent materials that are placed on the filter area.

  • Provide brilliant back illumination of transparent materials
  • Highly sensitive method to detect dyed double-stranded nucleic acids
  • Uniquely designed with increased UV intensity and uniformity

The transilluminators provide a highly sensitive method to detect double-stranded nucleic acids that have been labeled with fluorescent dyes such as ethidium bromide or acridine orange

Compact UV Transilluminators offer a basic design with 302nm UV for illumination of stained gels and to increase the fluorescence. The 302nm is also referred to as 300nm or 312nm. The spectral output of all these regions is the same.
The Dual UV Transilluminators also supply 302nm UV plus 365nm UV for viewing gels for an extended time and reducing photonicking damage.

Variable Intensity UV Transilluminators are compact, provide 302nm UV and allow selection of variable intensity settings. Two filter sizes are available: 20 x 20 cm (77/8x 77/8") or 21 x 26 cm (81/4 x 101/4").

High setting allows UV excitation of fluorophores on gels forroutine photography. Also excites gels with low sample concentration. The mid intensity setting is excellent for viewing and quick single-band excision. The low setting is used for gel positioning, multiple band excision, and focusing for photography.
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