TWIRL'EM ECOLO Biodegradable Sampling Bags, Labplas

Supplier: Labplas
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89131-832CS 341.08 USD
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TWIRL'EM ECOLO Biodegradable Sampling Bags, Labplas
Bags Sample Bags
These biodegradable sample bags are ideal for transportation and storage of solids, semisolids, and liquids for environmental and carcass sampling, biomedical and pharmaceutical research, quality assurance procedures, food industry applications, and clinical and veterinary medicine.

  • Made of pliant, highly resistant virgin polyethylene sterile tubing with no side seals
  • Feature a wire closure for an airtight seal
  • Wide-sealed bottoms for added leakproof protection

They are easy to use, tear off perforated top, pull tabs to open bag, fill, grab ends of tape closure and pull shut, twirl bag three or four times to seal, and bend ends of closure inward to lock the seal. Round wire bags have two wires for closure and puncture-proof safety tabs to eliminate sharp points that can cause bag puncture and abrasion. Bags with white marking area allow for written notation.

Certifications: Bags comply with EPA, FDA, USDA, and HACCP regulatory and industry requirements.
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