Super Erecta Shelf® Post-Type and Direct Wall Shelf Mounts, Metro™

Supplier: Metro
Super Erecta Shelf®
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Super Erecta Shelf® Post-Type and Direct Wall Shelf Mounts, Metro™
Furniture Shelves
Wall mounts for shelves are an ideal method for storing items overhead or above work surfaces

Post-type wall mounts are available in prepackaged end units or mid units, which include all necessary components except wall bolts or screws. End units consist of two posts with brackets, and two single shelf supports for each shelf. Mid units consist of one post with brackets and one double shelf support for each tier. Metal endcaps to cover post openings are provided. If shelving is to be the length of one shelf, order one end unit only. If shelving is to be the length of two shelves, order one end unit and one mid unit; if three shelf lengths, order one end and two mid units; and so on. All prepackaged post-type units feature a chrome-plated finish.

Posts, brackets, and shelf supports may also be purchased separately to construct post-type wall mount systems. Each post is supplied with two end brackets. The 85.4cm (335/8") long posts also include one intermediate bracket; the 137.2cm (54") and 157.5cm (62") long posts also include two intermediate brackets. Intermediate brackets can also be used to attach freestanding shelving to a wall. Post-type components are available in chrome-plated or stainless steel finish. Post-type systems have a maximum load rating of 113.3kg (250lbs.).

Direct wall mounts eliminate the need for a post; the shelf support is held by a mounting plate attached directly to the wall. This design also conserves space, as it allows the shelf and shelf support to be much closer to the wall. Each direct wall mount consists of one shelf support, one bracket, and two metal endcaps. Use single supports at shelf ends; double supports for adjoining shelves. Direct wall mounts are available in chrome-plated or stainless steel finish. Direct wall systems have a maximum load rating of 91kg (200lbs.).

Brackets accommodate all types and sizes of Super Erecta® shelves (shelves sold separately).
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