Buchi® R-210 Rotavapor® Evaporators

Buchi® Rotavapor®
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Buchi® R-210 Rotavapor® Evaporators
Evaporators Rotary Evaporators
This series of rotary evaporators provides a complete solution for laboratory solvent evaporation processes by integrating a vacuum controller, vacuum pump, and recirculating chiller into one, compact, safe, reliable, easy-to-use, and maintenance-free system.

Evaporator units are available in basic, advanced, or professional styles, based upon the incorporation of vacuum controllers

Evaporators with diagonal condensers can be used in areas of limited space or height. They are designed for standard distillations and feature a stopcock feed to the evaporating flask. Evaporators with vertical condensers can be used in areas of unobstructed space and height. Designed for standard distillations, they feature a stopcock feed to the evaporating flask, and they provide a connection for vapor temperature sensors. Vertical condensers permit auto distillation with the use of a stage probe and V-855 vacuum controller. Evaporators with dry ice condensers permit the distillation of solvents with low boiling points. They feature a stopcock feed to the evaporating flask and do not require cooling water. Maximum condensation will result due to low temperatures.

Standard features on any Rotavapor® system include continuous vapor ducting to prevent cross-contamination, the option of P+G plastic coating on all glass components to protect against mechanical damage, and a 4L water or oil heating bath with a temperature range of 20 to 180°C (68 to 356°F). A large display continuously shows actual and setpoint temperature. A cordless power supply eliminates the need to unplug connections when filling or emptying the bath, and the small volume, stainless steel bath ensures quick heating capabilities. A quick-action jack, easily operated by the touch of a button automatically raises the flask from the heating bath to prevent thermal loading in the event of a power failure.

Basic evaporators operate without a vacuum controller. Advanced units are supplied with V-850 vacuum controllers, which offer pressure regulation to a setpoint, a library containing 43 commonly-used solvents (with the ability to add your own), a timer function, USB interface for data transfer, and control of quick-action jack and Rotavapor® rotation. The more versatile professional units feature the V-855 vacuum controller, which offers EasyVac functions, automatic distillation, pressure gradient programming, and repeatable distillation functions in addition to the features of the V-850. The V-855 vacuum controller is designed to work optimally in conjunction with V-700 and V-710 vacuum pumps. Process parameters are always visible at a glance due to the direct fastening of all vacuum controllers to the evaporator. The intuitive operating concept makes all unit styles suitable for a wide range of applications.

Certifications: CSA certified. CE marked.
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