GraLab® Timers, Dimco-Gray

Supplier: Dimco-Gray
7-171-250R 7-173-160R 7-170-160R
62373-109CS 3896.39 USD
62373-109 62371-040 62371-046
GraLab® Timers, Dimco-Gray
Timers Mechanical Timers
Designed for sustained accuracy required in industrial and laboratory timing applications.

  • A buzzer alarm with variable volume control signals the end of the selected time period
  • Gray polycarbonate/PET case has rubber base pads, wall-mounting keyholes, and a recessed grip for portability

Three ranges available: 60 minutes of timing by minutes and seconds in one-second increments; 15 hours of timing by hours, minutes, and ¹/₄ minutes in 15-second increments; or 60 hours of timing by hours and minutes in one-minute increments.

Large, 16.5 cm (6¹/₂") dial features an outer circle of numerals for interval time and an inner circle of smaller numerals for elapsed time. A three-wire outlet receptacle controls small appliances (<600 W) automatically by a separate switch that can be set to make or break the circuit at zero. Models 62371-045, 62371-046, 62373-109, and 62371-040 add a second three-wire outlet receptacle, independent of the selector switch, which always breaks the circuit at zero.

Max. lamp load: 600 W, power rating of AC outlets (120 V)
Max. motor load: 249 W (¹/₃ hp), power rating of AC outlets (120 V)
Max. resistive load: 1200 W, power rating of AC outlets (120 V)

Certifications: UL listed.
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