Acrodisc® PSF Syringe Filters, 25 mm, Cytiva (Formerly Pall Lab)

Supplier: Cytiva
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Acrodisc® PSF Syringe Filters, 25 mm, Cytiva (Formerly Pall Lab)
Filters Syringe Filters
The new Acrodisc® One and Acrodisc® PSF premium syringe filters combine the benefits of a multi-layered prefiltration device with an automation-certified filter housing.

  • Increased surface area for maximizing throughput
  • Heat sealed membrane for reduced breakthrough
  • Accurate analysis. HPLC certified for low levels of UV-absorbing extractables
  • Available in 0.2 µm for UHPLC applications and with GxF (Glass Fiber) pre-filter for difficult to filter samples
  • Automation Certified to ensure smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day in automated workstations
  • The Acrodisc® One offers a Universal Membrane for all your analytical filtration requirements

Polypropylene housing with female Luer inlet and male slip outlet connections.

Acrodisc ONE with water wettable PTFE (wwPTFE) has a Next Generation Universal Membrane for all sample types with fast flow rates, low protein binding, and low levels of UV-absorbing extractables. Avoid the expense and inconvenience of keeping a variety of filters on hand, it is a versatile filter for aqueous and aggressive organic solvent-based solutions.

Other Acrodisc® PSF filter membrane options:
PVDF membrane has excellent compatibility with aggressive acids and alcohols.
PES membrane is available in a special Ion Chromatography design or with a GxF prefilter.
Nylon membrane has excellent compatibility with esters, bases, and alcohols, and requires no prewetting.
Hydrophobic PTFE membrane offers exceptional chemical and temperature compatibility and is ideal for gas, organic solutions, air filtration, or venting.

The Acrodisc® One and Acrodisc® PSF GxF syringe filters provide two to four times the throughput of standard prefilter devices for particulate-laden samples.

For ion chromatography specific syringe filters, look for the Acrodisc® ion chromatography syringe filters page.

Packaging: Syringe filters packed in cases of 200 are available in four packs of 50 or in an AutoPack™ format. The AutoPack™ format consists of eight tubes with 25 syringe filters stacked on top of each other.
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