VWR® Mini Vertical PAGE System

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
89032-300EA 1325.95 USD
VWR® Mini Vertical PAGE System
Electrophoresis Systems Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems
This mini PAGE system can run up to four gels and is ideal for protein electrophoresis, IEF, and blotting.

  • Can run up to four gels (max. 20 samples per gel)
  • Inserts for each application
  • Electrode assembly for each insert
  • Common buffer tank

The system features inserts for each application and a common buffer tank

All spacers and combs are color-coded or labeled to indicate thickness. The 8- and 16-tooth combs are designed for multi-channel pipettor loading.

Each insert has its own electrode assembly which connects to the lid of the buffer tank. The power leads connect directly to the lid. When the lid is removed, power is disconnected from the system to ensure safety. The buffer tank is molded to prevent separation and leaking.

Ordering information: System is supplied with two 10 x 10 cm notched plates; two 10 x 10 cm plates with spacers; and two 12-tooth, 1mm thick combs.
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