Double Neubauer Counting Chamber Set, Hausser Scientific

Supplier: Hausser Scientific
3110 3120 3100
15170-274EA 330.54 USD
15170-274 15170-089 15170-173
Double Neubauer Counting Chamber Set, Hausser Scientific
Slides Counting Chambers
Optically ground and polished milled glass chambers are diamond etched with Double improved Neubauer ruling

A “V” slash on each plateau facilitates charging and reduces the possibility of overflow. Metal plating on the plateaus provides sharp bright line contrast for consistent cell counts. Triple dividing lines clearly show cells within the counting area. Ruled surface is 0.1mm below the cover glass. Fluid capacity is 0.1mm3/mm2 and 0.00025mm3/each grid square.

Ordering information: Set includes counting chamber, two cover glasses, one red cell pipet, one white blood cell pipet, pipettor filler, and plastic carrying case.
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