Pleated Capsule Filters, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
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Pleated Capsule Filters, Pall Laboratory
Filters Capsule Filters
Designed both for prefiltration of particulate liquids (such as serum) prior to sterilizing filtration, and removal of debris and particles from liquids not requiring sterilization.

  • Maximum operating temperature: 88 °C (190 °F)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3.4 bar (50 psi)
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Vented capsules

Pleated Versapor® supported acrylic copolymer membrane filter in a polycarbonate housing

Both capsules are vented and have 1.27 cm (¹/₂") hose barb inlet/outlet connections. Overall length: 21.7 cm (8¹/₂"). The presterilized filter has a hold-up volume of 50 ml, and the nonsterile filter has a hold-up volume of 42 ml.

Packaging: Individually packed, ready-to-use, and disposable.
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