Whatman™ Grade 934-AH™ RTU Glass Microfiber Filters, Whatman products (Cytiva)

Supplier: Whatman products (Cytiva)
934-AH™ Whatman™ 934-AH™
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Whatman™ Grade 934-AH™ RTU Glass Microfiber Filters, Whatman products (Cytiva)
Filters Glass Fiber Filters
These 934-AH™ RTU grade filter papers have been pre-washed, dried (or ignited), cooled, desiccated, and weighed. This eliminates the pre-treating steps that are otherwise required by the US EPA Laboratory Standard Method 2540 parts C, D, and E.

  • Superior fine particle retention at high flow rates
  • Capable of processing very turbid samples
  • Particle retention: 1.5 µm

These filter papers are widely used for dissolved, suspended and volatiles solid analysis. They are also used as a wastewater filter for a wide range of water monitoring applications, including the monitoring of rivers, lakes, and coastal waters, as well as analyzing purified discharge of wastewater treatment plants and monitoring discharge water from industrial plants.

934-AH™ RTU for Suspended and Dissolved Solids: Pre-washed, dried, cooled, and weighed filters with certified mass loss between washing and drying steps of the lesser of less than 0.5 mg or 4% in accordance with US EPA Lab Standard Method 2540 parts C and D. Most filters come weighed to four decimal places, however a version of the 47 mm filter can be measured to five decimal places if needed.

934-AH™ RTU for Volatiles: Pre-washed, pre-weighed, and pre-fired at 550 °C aligned to US EPA Laboratory Standard Method 2540 parts C, D, and E.

934-AH™ RTU Double Weigh: Drying, cooling, and weighing steps repeated twice for customers with the highest regulatory concern.

Packaging: The pre-weighed filter papers are packaged within an aluminium pan with the filter weight clearly printed on a heat resistant label. Each pan has a unique barcode. Each box also has a barcode that can be used to download the weights of all filters from that box.
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