Pallflex® Tissuquartz™ Filters

Supplier: Cytiva
Pallflex® Tissuquartz™
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28150-907PK 82.08 USD
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Pallflex® Tissuquartz™ Filters
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Pallflex Tissuquartz filters are 100% pure quartz filters (with no binder) for air monitoring applications. They feature high flow rate and filtration efficiency.

  • Pure quartz
  • High flow rate
  • Interference-free results

Obtain highly sensitive and interference-free results due to their reduced residual ion and organics content.

Tissuquartz filters can withstand high operating temperature. This feature makes them durable and ideal for analysis of acidic gas, stack sampling, and other harsh testing environments.

For even lower level of trace organics, choose the popular heat-treated grade 2500 QAT-UP.

Ordering information: Filter media is pure quartz, no binder.
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