Pressure Tubes with Ace-Thred and Back Seal Plugs, Ace Glass

Supplier: Ace Glass
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Pressure Tubes with Ace-Thred and Back Seal Plugs, Ace Glass
Reaction Vessels Reaction Vessels, Cylindrical Shape
Heavy-wall, borosilicate glass tubes are designed for polymerization and analysis of halogens by thermal decomposition in the presence of lime

Hydrogenation bottles have a flat bottom and a lower recommended operating pressure of 60psi. Bottle pressure ratings are determined at ambient temperature.

Tubes feature Ace-Thred closures which allow for quick and simple plug sealing and removal. Supplied with back seal plug and O-ring, assuring a tight and secure seal without the need for any extra equipment. Closures are reusable. Tubes are available in multiple body diameters and lengths, with #15, #25, or #36 Ace-Thred. Tube length is measured below the thread. Tube pressure ratings are determined at 120°C (248°F). Each tube is pressure tested at 1.5 times the rating.

Ordering information: Each tube is supplied with a PTFE back seal plug and FETFE O-ring. Replacement O-rings and O-rings of different composition are available. For monitoring purposes, tube can be assembled with a stainless steel pressure gauge (0–160psi), using an optional adapter. In addition, stainless steel tube extensions are available to allow use of tube in a furnace. Tubes can be fabricated in other lengths and diameters. For pressure work, a front seal plug is recommended; see 89063-172 series for more information. For replacement tubes and bottles, see 89063-208 series.
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