Cytology Funnels for Shandon CytoSpin™ Centrifuge, Biomedical Polymers

Supplier: Biomedical Polymers
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Cytology Funnels for Shandon CytoSpin™ Centrifuge, Biomedical Polymers
Funnels Cytology Funnels
Single-use funnels are available in single or double configurations and are fully compatible with the Thermo Shandon CytoSpin centrifuge.

  • These funnels deposit a thin layer of cells onto a microscope slide in a clearly defined area of 6 mm
  • Double funnels deposit cells onto two locations on a slide

Stainless steel funnel clips hold the cytology funnels snuggly against the slide during the centrifugation process. Clips will not rust or corrode and are also compatible with the CytoSpin centrifuge. Disposable plastic funnel clips can replace standard metal clips, eliminating the need to sanitiize clips after each use. Pre-attached white filter cards absorb any excess fluid. Brown filter cards provide slower absorption of fluids, useful when working with scanty samples and applications involving spinal fluids.
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