Respirator Cartridges and Filters, Honeywell Safety

Supplier: Honeywell Safety
7506N95 7581P100L N75004L N75004L 7582P100L 7582P100L 7584P100L 7584P100L 7583P100L N75003L 7506N99 7583P100L N750035 7580P100 7506N95 75SCP100L N75002L N75002L 7531N95 75SCP100L 7580P100 7581P100L 75SCL 75SCL
56222-965CS 135.86 USD
56222-965 CA89400-390 CA89400-384 89400-384 89400-392 CA89400-392 CA89400-396 89400-396 CA89400-394 89400-382 CA56222-963 89400-394 56223-268 56222-964 CA56222-965 89400-398 89400-380 CA89400-380 56222-972 CA89400-398 CA56222-964 89400-390 89400-386 56223-250
Respirator Cartridges and Filters, Honeywell Safety
Respirators Reusable Respirators Respirator Filters
For use with North Safety Products air purifying dual cartridge respirators (see 56222-944 series).

  • Simplify your inventory with one line of cartridges and filters
  • NIOSH approved when used with Nort Safety Products 7700, 7600, 5500, and 5400 air-purifying respirators

Choose from a wide variety of cartridges, filters, and cartridge/filter combinations to suit your applications. Adapter assembly 56223-268 attaches pancake filter 56223-266 to a gas and vapor cartridge, and attaches to chemical cartridges except for the Defender® multipurpose cartridge.
All cartridges and filters are NIOSH approved (meet 42 CFR 84 requirements) when used with North Safety Products air-purifying respirators.
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