R and RX Fume Extractor Arms, Movex

Supplier: Movex
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89038-586EA 509.2 USD
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R and RX Fume Extractor Arms, Movex
Fume Extractors
Flexible design and efficient extraction for a variety of work areas

Stable construction with a gas spring that balances the dead weight of the arm. Suitable for welding fumes or flue gas. Flexible hose is made of spring steel coil completely embedded in PVC-coated, nonflammable polyamide fabric. Supporting brackets are mounted outside the hose to ensure natural, undisturbed airflow with minimal pressure drop and duct blockage. Maintenance and joint adjustment can be performed from the outside with hand tools. The RX model fume extractor arms have straight sections made of powder-coated, rounded sheet steel. These RX units are also provided with a flexible suction nozzle that can be rotated 360° and moved to a 90° angle. Operating temperature range for all models: –10 to 90°C (14 to 194°F). Color: blue with black.

Ordering information: Fume extractor arms are supplied fully assembled with a bracket for mounting on a wall. Conical hoods 89038-596 and 89038-598 come with a 12VAC, 50W halogen light. For white or stainless steel units, contact your VWR sales representative.
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