Benchtop Extraction Arms, Nederman

Supplier: Nederman
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46102-058EA 701.18 USD
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Benchtop Extraction Arms, Nederman
Fume Extractors
Ideal for applications where small, flexible, and easy-to-use arms are required to eliminate smoke, gases, dust, and particles

The Original model is a robust and reliable arm for general applications with little risk of electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals. The ESD/EX model is designed for use in electronic and explosive environments with risk of electrostatic discharges. ESD/EX model arms are made of conductive materials, eliminating the risk of static electricity and sparks. The Chem model has profiles made of double anodized aluminum and is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. Arms are also available with four different diameters: 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. The 32mm arms are for low-volume benchtop extraction and comprise of a single, self-supporting flexible arm.

A wide range of brackets is available for mounting arms to ceilings, walls, floors, or worktops. Operational reach of extraction arms can be increased with the extension profile, which allows one arm to be used at numerous adjacent workstations. Arms come standard with a mini hood that works as a universal interface for connecting to other hoods, irrespective of arm size. Various hoods are available to meet user needs. The multipurpose hood has excellent screening properties, is fully transparent, and can be used as a dome or screen hood.

Arms are constructed of anodized aluminum tubing with polypropylene joints, offering strength and durability with light and easy handling. The two outermost joints in the arm can rotate and swivel through 360°, providing omnidirectional flexibility. Once correctly positioned, the hood can be locked in place using two friction devices in the arm joints. Arms feature optimal airflow, particle transportation properties, and reduced noise levels. Extraction arms with a down connection connect to the extraction source in a downward position, such as a floor or benchtop. Extraction arms with an up connection connect to the extraction source in an upward position, such as a wall or ceiling.

Ordering information: Fume extractor arms are not supplied with fans. For compatible fans and starters, see 46102-214 series.
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