NEX D/DX Fume Extractor Arms, Nederman

Supplier: Nederman
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46102-188EA 5383.32 USD
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NEX D/DX Fume Extractor Arms, Nederman
Fume Extractors
Ideal for controlling, measuring, weighing, or filling in environments containing explosive dust and applications with high hygienic demands

NEX D units are equipped with a grounded ventilation hose. NEX DX units have a double-grounded system with antistatic grounded ventilation hose that prevents static electricity and sparks. Extractor arms are available with or without damper in the hood.

Units feature high suction capacity (647–1059cfm), mobility, and simple maintenance. Hoses are mounted parallel to self-supporting flexible arms by straps and are easily detached for cleaning. Arms are encapsulated by box covers and bellows protecting against dust. Interior of hose is free from components, minimizing dust and particle accumulation. Units are equipped with a horizontally pivoted boom allowing for extra reach. The swivel design allows for light and precise 360° maneuverability, while providing stability when positioned. Stainless steel hood, rectangular flange, protection grille, and opening improve capture capacity.

Ordering information: Fume extractor arms are not supplied with fans. For compatible fans and starters, see 46102-214 series.
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