Weller® Standard Series Modular Irons, Cooper Tools, Apex

Supplier: Apex
PL113 7760 7770 37UG 537S PL111 7500
37696-630EA 72.39 USD
37696-630 37691-034 37698-980 37691-086 37698-960 37698-962 37698-964
Weller® Standard Series Modular Irons, Cooper Tools, Apex
Soldering Supplies Soldering Irons
Modular soldering irons utilize interchangeable handles, heaters, and tips for custom applications and maintenance.

Irons have 1.5m (5') cords and feature cool, “soft touch” acid- and flux-resistant grips. Handles 37698-964 and -962 have two-wire ungrounded cords; handle 37698-960 features a burn-resistant, three-wire grounded cord.

All tips are designed to provide maximum heat transfer from heater to tip. Tips feature a copper core electroplated wtih iron to extend the lifetime of the tip. Nickel and chromium behind the working surface protect the shank from corrosion and solder creep. All tips are individually bagged. Thread-on tips have a 6.4mm (1/4") diameter. Cone tip 37691-086 has a tip size of 0.76mm (0.03") and a reach of 16.76mm (0.66"). Chisel tip 37691-034 has a tip size of 3.3mm (0.13") and a reach of 16.76mm (0.66").

Certifications: UL and C-UL listed.
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